Andy Ng

My very first novice attempt to complete a 62km walk/run is dedicated to raise funds for youth mental health program for KELY(whose been serving youth for over 30yrs in this respect), especially during this time of dealing with all the mental state issues post lockdown. Don't forget most of the time these are silent killers of our next generation.
While I can't promise an outstanding finish time, I'll definitely complete in the hopes that through this effort , we can all contribute to preventing the loss of another precious young life via mental issues.
Sincerely asking for your support by donating to this meaningful event, and every dollar will be a booster for me to take that extra step forward. Please act up and I need your push!

RAISED HK$44500.00

Goal Amount HK$80000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Anonymous $500.00
2 Anonymous $10,000.00
3 Anonymous $500.00
4 HK Leung $500.00
5 Kel $5,000.00
6 Joyce Pong $1,000.00
7 Roy $2,500.00
8 Anonymous $300.00
9 Ada $800.00
10 Anonymous $300.00