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Mental well-being and physical health are fundamental for youth. As the VSA community, we support our students in every way to strive for success in their school lives and achieve their personal goals.
The Weez Project's aim is to support young people in Hong Kong who are facing mental health challenges, especially those who are contemplating self-harm or suicide.
This year, our amazing VSA students/parents/teachers have formed 10 teams to support The Weez Project. Each team will run/hike all around HK Island(62km) to raise funds and awareness of youth mental health issues in Hong Kong.

We are also promoting and making people aware of The Kely Support Group. They have developed great programmes to encourage young people to know how to help themselves and their friends; educate teachers and parents and become more knowledgeable about mental health issues as well as advocate for improvements in youth mental health support.

Please support our challenge and donate to our teams!

RAISED HK$36600.00

Goal Amount HK$10000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Anonymous $200.00
2 Eddie $500.00
3 Ian Zhong $30,000.00
4 Ryan L $500.00
5 Anonymous $100.00
6 J & D $500.00
7 Anonymous $100.00
8 Anonymous $500.00
9 B $1,000.00
10 Anonymous $300.00

Activity Record:

# Stage Completed Completed Date
1 Stage 1 X
2 Stage 2 X
3 Stage 3 X
4 Stage 4 2023-02-08
5 Stage 5 2023-01-23
6 Stage 6 2023-02-04
7 Stage 7 2023-01-23
8 Stage 8 2023-01-23
9 Stage 9 2023-01-23