WIS Walks


We are WIS Walks, consisting of a group of four Year 11 and 12 students (Sahana Iyer, Michelle Shen, Mira Chung, and Jiya Joji) from ESF West Island School, who plan to walk a 62km path around Hong Kong Island to raise funds for the KELY Support Group. We are completing this walk at the same time as WIS Walks 2, a group with four of our friends.

In all honesty, 62km seemed like a lot, and we were all nervous about whether we could do it. But hearing the experiences of two of our teammates who did it last year, and reading about all the good the KELY Group does to help youth mental health and increase awareness for suicide prevention, convinced us that this was an endeavour we must embark on.
Recent statistics from 2021 show that over 50% of Hong Kong secondary-school students are showing signs of depression, while 25% are showing signs of anxiety. This is even worse for university students, where almost 70% reported signs of depression, and 50% showed symptoms of anxiety. These numbers have almost certainly gotten worse as the Covid-19 pandemic continued worldwide. So, it is imperative that more awareness is raised on the topic of youth mental health and suicide prevention, so we can save lives from these hidden killers.


So far we have completed Stages 1 and 2, seeing some beautiful sights of Victoria Harbour and Llama Channel. We plan to complete Stages 3 and 4 over the next week. Follow along with us in the 'photo gallery' section of our campaign page.

Please donate as much as you see fit, and we thank you in advance for your help in raising funds for this important cause!

See our Logo here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVM4nChJDDJ7WRRQbdyXmIBClCU9wuPL/view
Made by Mira Chung

RAISED HK$4090.00

Goal Amount HK$4000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 WIS Walker Supporter $500.00
2 Pooja $200.00
3 P $300.00
4 WIS Walks Supporter $240.00
5 Inoo $500.00
6 Auntie Candace $200.00
7 WIS Walks Supporter $200.00
8 Karen Sun $500.00
9 Grace Gao $200.00
10 Anonymous $200.00

Activity Record:

# Stage Completed Completed Date
1 Stage 1 2023-01-14
2 Stage 2 2023-01-14
3 Stage 3 2023-01-24
4 Stage 4 2023-01-24
5 Stage 5 2023-01-25
6 Stage 6 2023-02-05
7 Stage 7 2023-02-18
8 Stage 8 2023-02-18
9 Stage 9 2023-02-18