Team TDW-R

A Tanner De Witt team made up of one old bloke and a couple of youngsters, raising money to help awareness of youth mental health - an issue not unique to Hong Kong but something which, sadly, appears to be on the rise here.

We all completed the trail but, perhaps not surprisingly, the youngsters did so in a somewhat quicker time than the old bloke🤔

RAISED HK$13000.00

Goal Amount HK$10000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Anonymous $1,000.00
2 Anonymous $200.00
3 Chai $2,000.00
4 Anonymous $500.00
5 Jacqueline Walsh $2,500.00
6 RDD $5,000.00
7 Anonymous $500.00
8 Paul Lam $500.00
9 Anonymous $100.00
10 Lydia Lam $500.00