JCL Hope

A meaningful pursuit for this year of Rabbit! To bring hope to our youth group by supporting Weez Walk in developing and delivering preventive mental health programs for young people in Hong Kong. We will walk 62 km before Feb 19 around HK island. We are not competing for speed or level of donation, but we would like to invite our friends and families to join us in by donating to a worthy cause!

RAISED HK$19088.00

Goal Amount HK$6888.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 A Lo $100.00
2 Ben Lo $500.00
3 Anonymous $500.00
4 Ivan Fan $500.00
5 Jacky Fan $1,000.00
6 Timmy $500.00
7 Missing Daughter & Sister $3,000.00
8 Lee Ming Kum $500.00
9 Anonymous $500.00
10 Anonymous $800.00